Jan 3rd - Jan 9th

January 3—Egypt

  • Pray for wisdom for those who are responsible for making the decision to hold the annual Cairo International Book Fair. If it is held, pray for Derek’s books that will be available to have an impact on many lives.
  • Pray that God will end the pandemic and give strength to His people, especially those who have lost loved ones, and that Derek’s material will be safely distributed and reach those who greatly need it.  
  • Pray for our borders to open again so we can travel to visit churches and ministries in our region and provide them with Derek’s materials. 

Praise Reports – Egypt

  • We thank God for the printing of nine Arabic titles that were uploaded to our PDF and audio platforms.
  • Some of our Facebook likes are from unbelievers from different backgrounds. We have had private conversations on messenger to help answer their questions and draw them to Christ.


January 4—Syria

  • The civil war in Syria has lasted for 10 years. Pray for the nation to be healed and this gruesome war to end soon so that our children will see peace while still young.
  • Pray that God’s Word, as found in Derek’s teaching, will reach those who need it and strengthen and encourage them.
  • Pray that the Church in Syria will truly look to Christ for consolation and strength and, in turn, motivate others to do the same and minister to their needs.


January 5—Lebanon

  • Continue to pray for Lebanon as the nation goes through a difficult time economically and politically, in addition to the pandemic. Pray that DPM’s outreach workers from Egypt can visit again soon to share Derek’s teaching and minister to the people.


January 6—Israel

  • Pray for the team in Israel to continue to connect with individuals and churches, especially through social media, who want to receive Derek’s teaching.
  • Pray for the Lord to continue to use Derek’s teaching in Hebrew, Arabic and Russian to touch many lives in the nation and beyond.


January 7—India

  • Directors Elsie and Danny are planning conferences for pastors and Christian leaders for this year. They hope to go to places they have never visited, includingt some that are opposed to the Gospel. Pray for wisdom, open doors, and protection as well as for pastors in these areas to receive and use Derek’s material that will be offered.

Testimonies – India

A pastor Elsie and Danny recently met told them:  “Thank you so much for all the efforts you took to bring us this sound, biblical teaching. It helped us face every situation without fear and to bring hope to our [church members], many of whom were beginning to despair. We were able to bring comfort and consolation through the Word that had been put into our own lives.”

  • “I was recently reading They Shall Expel Demons. It threw so much light on the kingdom of darkness and deliverance. Derek’s message in Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose was also a great revelation to me. The messages were so enlightening and nourishing and revealed the truth of the Word of God in a clear, simple way. I praise God for bestowing the anointing of the teaching and revelation gifts on Derek Prince to teach the Word in a clear, simple way so that it is understandable to all, coupled along with his own ministerial experiences. This teaching helped me and will go on helping many Christians all over the world. The teachings are a great blessing to the Church, especially in the east. I feel that if I had come across Derek’s messages in the past, it would have made a greater impact on my life, both spiritual and physical, and I would not have wasted years and lost precious time in my life. Thank you for continuing Derek Prince Ministries by making available Derek’s books, CDs, SD cards and videos on YouTube which are so helpful to believers.”  -  Pastor Sundar, Andhra Pradesh


January 8—Sri Lanka

  • Bishop Prince is the Sri Lankan interpreter for Elsie and Danny, DPM–India Directors, when they minister here. He now coordinates the work of DPM in Sri Lanka. Pray for God’s protection, wisdom and anointing for him as he begins this important role.


January 9—Myanmar

  • Pray for God’s protection and provision for the DPM directors and team in this Buddhist nation and for wisdom and guidance for expanding the ministry in 2021.