Nov 15th-21st

November 15—Hungary

  • The printing of The Power of Communion should be completed by the end of this month. In recent years, we have seen misunderstanding of the meaning and practice of The Lord’s Supper, with some believers considering it mystical. Pray for this teaching to bring understanding about this sacrament so churches will grow in faith and the power of God.


November 16—Netherlands

  • Another run of our online course, “Faith for Every Day,” based on the book, Faith to Live By, will begin November 20. Pray for those who struggle with their faith to find this course and be greatly encouraged by the teaching. 

Praise report - Netherlands

  • We received our YouTube plaque for reaching over 100,000 subscribers! Currently, we are over 140,000! Many people from closed countries are hungry for sound Bible teaching and find it on our YouTube channel.


November 17—Macedonia

  • Continue to pray for our translator Katerina and editor Emilija who continue to work on new books in the Macedonian language. They need the Lord’s strength, wisdom, and protection to help bring Derek’s teaching to this nation.


November 18—Croatia

  • More and more people are watching Derek´s teaching videos on our YouTube channel. Pray for volunteers to join our team to translate more messages for audio/video formats to appeal especially to the younger generation.


November 19—Poland

  • The book Rediscovering God’s Church is nearly ready for printing. Pray that it will be finished successfully and on time and used to reveal God’s concept of His Church, especially to leaders, and help them build a strong, victorious Church in Poland. 
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide the team here and for new volunteers for translation, proofreading and graphic design.


November 20—Thailand

  • Twenty-three titles of Derek’s books are currently being translated into Thai and Lao by a professional Christian-owned translation company. Pray for God’s protection and anointing on the translator and for speedy and accurate translation.  
  • Pray for wisdom for the number of people required for the translation team, given the large amount of work to be done in both the Thai and Lao languages.

Praise – Thailand

  • All Thai translation costs are being covered by a generous Christian couple based in New Zealand! We thank our Heavenly Father for them and His wonderful provision.


November 21—China

  • It is urgent to pray for the Chinese Church and Chinese Christians. Trade talks with America, the Covid-19 crisis’ economic hit on China, and the fallout in international relationships with some nations over the pandemic’s source, is causing the government to adopt even stronger control tactics. The result is great pressure for all elements of Chinese society to align with Marxist teaching. This testimony should move us to pray: 
    • “Thank the Lord for these messages from Derek Prince. They are very helpful during such dark times. Many believers have lost their jobs and faith because of the coronavirus. I have shared Derek’s materials among the believers in my church and got very positive feedback. They all said they got comfort and encouragement. They want to hear more of this kind of Bible teaching.”

Testimony – China

  • This response from a brother in Wuhan, the source of Covid-19, shows us how the Lord is using Derek's Chinese materials in many lives. Praise Him for that! 

"Because of coronavirus, our Sunday services stopped. Although I got messages and Bible verses from my friends, I still felt very weak spiritually. This changed after I found some articles by Derek Prince on WeChat. I felt really encouraged by such powerful teaching. I trust God more now. I know He reigns and protects everyone who dwells in the shelter of the Most High.”