Nov 8th-14th

November 8—Sri Lanka

  • Pray that DPM Directors, Elsie and Danny, are able to visit Sri Lanka before December to work out the transitioning of responsibilities to the new coordinator, Pastor Prince.
  • Pray for an appropriate storage facility to be found for DPM books as current premises need to be vacated by December. 


November 9—Greece

  • Pray for Katerina as she works on the eBook Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose after being delayed by restrictions due to the pandemic. It will be made available to the people in Greece who need this teaching desperately, so pray for its speedy and successful completion.

Testimony - UK

  • In October, our online course “Promised Land” was launched, and nearly 300 people enrolled. Here are comments by two students: 
    • “Thanks for your help with the course. I have just realised the great importance of these online courses during the Covid-19 lockdown, and winter also gives a brilliant opportunity to enroll not only in this course, but other DPM courses.”
    • “I thank DPM for the course I just did. I really enjoyed it, and it encouraged me to get into the Scriptures again and do what it says to do through the Holy Spirit.”


November 10—France

  • Pray for Caroline, our new Communications Manager, as she continues to expand awareness of DPM and Derek’s teaching through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Pray that our new booklet, Applying the Blood, can be translated and printed soon.
  • Pray for Catherine to have wisdom and insight as she does year-end financial work.
  • Pray for all the students of the Bible Correspondence Course to be motivated to finish it. 


November 11—Norway/Scandinavia

  • Pray for key contacts to help reach out to the Sami people group in the north of the nation so that more of them can receive Derek’s material. 
  • Pray for more partners to help expand Derek’s teaching material throughout Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland.

Praise report – Scandinavia

  • Three more titles by Derek have been printed in Norwegian; two more have been printed in Swedish; and two more have been printed in Finnish. These books are “paper ministers” of the Gospel, impacting many lives. We thank God they are now available.


November 12—Bulgaria

  • An increased demand for Derek’s teaching has several titles sold out! Pray for God’s provision and wisdom to reprint these books as quickly as possible. 
  • Pray for wisdom in reaching churches and leaders with Derek’s teaching that can help set Bulgarian believers free from legalism and false religious practices. This is such a great need in the Church here.


November 13—Czech Republic

  • After a couple months of bureaucracy, DPM is now registered in this nation as a legal body. Pray that this important step will move our work to a new level, with Derek’s teaching having a greater impact on the Church here and more leaders discovering it.
  • Pray that God will touch the hearts of Czech believers to support the ministry financially. 


November 14—Germany

  • Pray for God’s vision and inspiration for our staff as to His plan for DPM in Germany.
  • Pray for continued provision to carry out the many projects planned to reach the German people with Derek’s teaching material.

Praise report – Germany

Despite Covid-19 and the resulting limitations, God has been extremely faithful in finances and the successful completion of many projects—printing, translation, an online course, distribution of material, etc. more than in previous years!