September 1—International

  • The staff, outreach workers and their families at over 50 DPM bases need ongoing prayer. Pray for God’s guidance and wisdom, mercy and grace, healing, strength, protection and provision.


Middle East

September 2—Iran

  • Pray for protection and anointing for those who travel to Iran monthly to share the Gospel. They always meet Iranians who open their hearts to Jesus, but to be a true disciple here is dangerous.
  • Pray for the new believers to receive understanding and encouragement from Derek's materials.
  • Pray for safe printing and distribution of Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose! in the Farsi language.


September 3—Turkey

  • Pray for completion of the translations of the Self-Study Bible Course and Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose into Turkish, and then for successful printing and distribution.

Praise & Thanksgiving - Turkey

  • Even with ongoing pressure upon Christians in Turkey, Derek's teachings are still in demand as he is a very well-known Bible teacher and author among Turkish believers of all denominations. 


September 4—Israel

  • Pray for local pastors, small group leaders and youth leaders who receive Derek’s Hebrew material to grow in their faith and to use it wisely to teach and minister to those they are leading.
  • Pray for more people to be impacted by Derek’s teaching through the Hebrew website and social media, including eBooks, audio messages, and the Hebrew app.
  • Pray for the Lord’s will in the new national elections on September 17 due to no clear majority winning in the first election. Pray for divisiveness in the government to be replaced with unity.


September 5—Egypt

  • Living as Salt and Light was translated and printed, and it is now being distributed. Pray that God uses this book to change people’s lives.
  • Derek’s books are being transported from Malaga to Morocco and other North African countries. There is no official way to move them, so pray for God to open up the best way for Derek's teaching to reach those who need it.


Former Soviet Republics

Belarus - Testimony

Martha faced difficulties and questions in spiritual warfare, yet with no teaching she was depressed and defeated. We told her about Derek’s books, Spiritual Warfare and They Shall Expel Demons, and also had her listen to his sermons on this topic. We prayed and stood with her, and the Lord answered, and results became visible. Her physical state and circumstances have changed, and now her spiritual life is much better. She can continue to use this experience in her life and in the lives of people around her.


September 6—Russia

  • Pastors from several cities came to six pastors’ meetings and four evangelistic services that were held. Pray for those who came to the Lord to be encouraged and strong in their faith.
  • Pray for those involved in outreach in this region to move in the Lord’s strength and anointing to produce and distribute Derek’s teaching material.



September 7—United States         

The annual meeting of DPM’s international directors and various outreach leaders begins September 18 in the U.S. for several days. Pray for the Lord’s direction for future outreach, a meaningful time of fellowship, sharing and prayer, and safe travel as everyone returns home.