February 2—Japan

  • Pray for many people to visit the dual-language Japanese/English website (https://ja.derekprince.jp/) and be blessed by the many free resources on it.

February 3—Philippines

  • Pray for successful completion of Proclamation Cards that are being translated into Filipino and for wide distribution.
  • Pray for continued good response to Derek’s TV programmes that are airing on Light TV.

Outreach report - Philippines

  • Derek’s TV programme is extremely well received, with audience numbers increasing from 72,000 in June to 130,000 in October. One of the testimonies we received, says: “For four years, I had terrible allergies to gluten, dairy and soy, but a few months ago I came across one of Derek Prince’s videos on YouTube. I had never heard of him before, but as I watched his video and he prayed for deliverance of those listening, I was instantly healed!”


February 4—Cambodia

  • The DPM team is planning to hold six pastors’ seminars and youth outreaches this year and two evangelistic outreaches for about 1,500 people. Pray for the Lord’s wisdom and guidance in planning and as to which provinces to visit.

Outreach Report - Cambodia

  • Last year, the DPM team visited all 25 provinces in Cambodia. Thousands of Derek’s books were delivered to local churches, and a large number of youth Proclamation Cards were distributed at their youth outreaches. 
  • Two successful pastors’ seminars were recently held. Several were invited to join the team to teach from Derek’s material and share their testimonies. We are grateful for the increase of our team and for pastors who desire to use Derek’s teaching 
  • Derek’s Proclamation Cards are proving to be a great tool. Pastors are learning to proclaim God’s Word and His promises rather than focusing on their challenges. 


February 5—Nepal

  • Pray that the many Bible college graduates who receive a gift pack of Derek’s books in Nepali will be greatly blessed by them and go on to teach many others.

Testimony Nepal

  • “I was fortunate to receive Derek Prince books from you. When I received Life-Changing Spiritual Power (six-book compilation), I completed reading it in one week. I went through the Self-Study Bible Course and now I can teach the same lessons to other people. There are many wrong teachings spreading all over Nepal. If people read Derek’s books, they do not need to be afraid of wrong teachings. This is the kind of teaching we need in Nepal.”


February 6—Vietnam

  • Five more book titles in Vietnamese have just been approved by the Government and printed, four of them for the first time, along with 70,000 more Proclamation Cards. Pray that this material will be distributed far and wide throughout Vietnam.


February 7—Germany

  • Pray for wisdom and needed finances for two new video projects:
    • "Proclaiming the Word with Derek and Ruth Prince" (proclamations they made at the beginning of their meetings).
    • "Nuggets of Truth from the Word of God" (short clips from Derek's teaching)


February 8—Macedonia

  • We thank God for the new, well-skilled translators/editors, Katerina and Emilija, who have recently joined our team. Pray for them as they have started translating several new books with printing scheduled by June. Pray for completion to be on time and for a good printing company to be found.