December 2—Solomon Islands

  • Pray for wisdom for DPM representative, Mrs. Tele Bartlett and Hudson, DPM Coordinator.
  • Derek’s radio programs are broadcast nationwide five days a week. Pray for thousands to tune in and have their lives changed by the teaching and the work of the Holy Spirit.


December 3—India

Pray that the 800 orphans and needy children attending the annual DPM Orphans Christmas Party (early this month) will be greatly blessed and, in particular, that those who don’t know Jesus personally will respond to the Gospel message and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Praise & Thanksgiving:

In August, a day of meetings was held in Chandrapur where the team taught on deliverance. There was a larger than expected turnout, with more than 200 pastors and others attending. To end the meeting, the leaders had the pastors pray together to break the powers of darkness over the city. Everyone felt a strong move of the Spirit, and many testified that they clearly felt a release in their spirits as well. Then Derek’s books and SD cards were given out. A seminar was also held for those from the church that organized the meetings, and more than 400 people came. Praise God for the mighty things He is doing!


December 4—Australia

Graeme and Veronica, DPM Indigenous Outreach representatives, ask for prayer for the Indigenous brothers and sisters among whom they work: first, that God will sovereignly put a fire in their hearts and a great longing for Him and His presence and second, that they will take their place as First Nation people in the prayer and repentance that seems to be building in the nation.


December 5—French-Speaking Africa

  • Pray for the valuable, long-time partners of DPM–France: the distributor for Africa Livr’Afrique, the printer, the sales outlet, etc. Each part of the Body is so important to accomplish the work!
  • Pray for the Lord’s financial provision to continue supplying Derek’s French teaching for this part of Africa. Some material is out of stock, and people continue to ask for it.


December 6—United States/Hispanic Outreach

  • Pray the Lord’s anointing upon those translating and voicing Derek’s teaching into Spanish.
  • Pray for more connections with the right Hispanic leaders in the local Latino community (Charlotte, North Carolina) and for strengthened relationships with those who are receiving Derek’s material for use in their churches and ministry.


December 7—France

  • Catherine needs wisdom and insight in working with the Bible Correspondence Course students. Also, she must learn new tax laws soon for the bookkeeping. Pray for God’s grace in these areas.
  • Pray for Director, René, as he and the staff seek the Lord for the future of the ministry—for what is on His heart and what He wants accomplished.


December 8—South America

Pray for the Lord’s wisdom, guidance and encouragement for the translation team in Peru as they work on radio programs in the Ayacucho Quechua dialect of Peru and its neighboring countries. These teachings will be an important tool for those coming to the Lord who need to grow in their faith.