February 3—Ukraine

  • Pray for the translation and publication of four new titles, two in Russian and two in Ukrainian.
  • Pray for the editing and publishing of Derek’s Russian language biography this year.
  • Pray for successful distribution of Derek’s teaching by those involved, including military and prison chaplains, and church leaders.

Praise & Thanksgiving:

We hope to print four more titles, making a total of 44 of his books. Thank God the demand for new books is not subsiding.


February 4—China

  • More USB and SD cards containing Derek’s material need to be produced for distribution. Pray for wisdom regarding the better format to use, or both.
  • Pray for the Lord’s guidance in getting this material to the right people in China so that they have their own Derek Prince library in Chinese.

Praise & Thanksgiving:

In recent months, the team launched a new project to put as much of Derek’s teaching as possible in multiple formats on SD cards and USB sticks and distribute them to many areas. It was very successful and the Lord gave protection. One source asked for 2000 units, so the project was met with enthusiasm!


February 5—Slovakia

  • Pray for good cooperation with local churches, mission organizations and bookshops in distributing Derek’s material.
  • Due to the increased demand for material last year, some titles are out of stock. Pray for the successful reprint of several needed book titles.
  • Pray that the well-received book, Called to Conquer, will help young believers discover their calling and be equipped and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Praise & Thanksgiving:

We saw an increased demand for Derek’s teaching during 2018, especially among the younger generation of believers. We are also grateful for faithful donors worldwide as they continue to financially support DPM’s work in various parts of the world, including Slovakia and the rest of Eastern Europe.


February 6—Myanmar

  • Health Care Christian Fellowship recently held a seminar for 50 Christian leaders. Each one received a copy of the book, Life-Changing Spiritual Power in Burmese. Pray that this material will help them in their walk with the Lord and enable them to then teach many others.
  • A pastor was given 100 copies of the Self-Study Bible Course to use for training believers. Pray that all recipients will come to a deeper knowledge of God’s Word and go on to train many others.


February 7—France

  • Pray for wisdom for Myriam and Anne as they work on book translations.
  • Pray for the new French title, Spiritual Warfare for the End Times to awaken the Church in France.
  • Pray for refreshing, strength and wisdom for René as he carries out various responsibilities and for Catherine as she also handles numerous tasks in the office.
  • Pray for the Lord to move in France where there have been tense situations in recent months.


February 8—Algeria

  • Pray for the meetings with Algerian brothers and sisters this month at the BlueMed conference in Malta to follow up on Kabyle language translations of Derek’s books.
  • Pray for the team as an audio book for the title Entering the Presence of God is recorded in Kabyle and as they convert the audio teaching of Declaring God's Word into radio format.

Praise & Thanksgiving:

The Algerian team has finished translating Declaring God’s Word in the Kabyle language audio format and will upload them in sound cloud and on their Facebook page.


February 9—Czech Republic

  • Pray for good cooperation with churches and Christian bookshops in spreading Derek´s teaching.
  • Pray for greater demand for Derek’s teaching and for believers to utilize available Czech material.
  • Pray for a new season of evangelism here and more supernatural power of God by His Spirit.