January 6—India

  • Pray for God’s protection and anointing upon Directors, Elsie and Danny, as they travel around India, including to some remote areas, to speak and minister at pastors’ meetings.
  • Pray for many leaders to attend and be greatly impacted.


January 7—Slovenia

  • Pray for the Lord to bring skilled Slovenian translators and proofreaders who are needed.
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to move strongly in traditional churches to liberate believers from dead traditions and false religious practices.
  • Pray for the Lord to use the book Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose to bring transformation and breakthrough to many people.


January 8—China

Last year, as many copies were printed of God’s Remedy for Rejection as the literature budget would permit. The China team is now working closely with printers and distributors inside China to make sure that requests for Derek’s teaching are met. Pray for this vital process that will determine printing for 2019.


January 9—Azerbaijan 

Every December, many Iranians come to Azerbaijan to celebrate the new year with their family abroad. This is a great time for the outreach team to share the Gospel with them. Pray for all the Iranians that were reached during the recent Christmas outreach and for Jesus to be revealed to them. 


January 10—Solomon Islands

Two ladies from the church of Tele Bartlett, DPM Director, attended a convention of 2,000 women in a remote part of the country. Each leader was given a copy of the book, Life-Changing Spiritual Power. Pray that they will be greatly blessed by this material and use it to teach many in their own congregations.


January 11—Nepal

A pastor visited Director Gopaljee to ask for Derek’s material, and 14 cartons of Nepali books were taken into West Bengal. Pray for this material to greatly bless the Church in this predominantly Hindu city. 

Praise & Thanksgiving:

During November, Gopaljee held a three-day conference in southwest Nepal for 200 people. Each attendee was given copies in Nepali of the Self-Study Bible Course, Spiritual Warfare for the End Times, Transformed for Life and Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting.


January 12—France

  • Pray for more generous responses to outreach mailings on DPM’s worldwide projects as well as to e-mailings, as online giving here seems to be difficult.
  • Pray for more students to enroll in the Bible Correspondence Course and for those who have not yet completed it to press on to finish.
  • Pray that the Study Guide that goes with Derek’s 30 core teachings in 13 languages (on USB sticks) will be a great blessing both in France and French-speaking Africa.