September 8—United States/Hispanic Outreach

  • Pray for increased contact with local Hispanic pastors and other leaders and those across the U.S. who would desire to use Derek’s teaching material in their ministries.
  • Pray for those who use Derek’s material and minister out of the country to be a source of teaching and encouragement for those they meet with.



September 9—Netherlands

  • A recent mailing addressed the importance of forgiveness. Pray for those who read this teaching and who have struggled with this issue for years to be able to receive God’s grace to forgive.
  • The Internet course on "Promised Land” starts on September 13. Pray for all the students to be encouraged and strengthened in their faith.


September 10—France

  • The Coming Revival has just been released. Pray for this message to stir people to take their place in the final harvest and for the French Church to be revived!
  • Pray for the valuable partners of DPM–France: Africa distributor Livr’Afrique, the printer, graphic designer, translators, and sales outlet. All are needed to help accomplish the work being done.


September 11—Serbia

  • Pray for the new Serbian book, Christ’s Last Order, to stir the hearts of believers and ignite a new fire for evangelism in Serbia.
  • Pray that religious strongholds will fall and that Serbia will experience a mighty move of God.


September 12—Norway

  • Pray for the Sami language proclamation cards to reach many Sami villages and families in the North of Norway, Sweden and Finland.
  • Pray for Derek’s teaching to give them a solid Christian foundation for their lives.


September 13—Croatia

  • Pray for protection and wisdom for Slavica as she begins new translation work.
  • Recently, material was sent to a prisoner who requested Derek’s books. Pray that the teaching will help him lay a solid spiritual foundation in his life and enable him to minister to others.
  • Prayer requests often come in by phone. Pray for those who minister to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to help bring salvation, healing, deliverance or whatever is needed.


September 14—Germany

  • Pray for good and lasting fruit from summer meetings with friends, donors and new contacts from events and conferences in several nations.
  • Pray for Derek’s teaching to continue to make a real difference in the German-speaking Church.