March 10—Slovenia

  • Pray for Slovenian church leaders to receive Derek´s teaching with open hearts and minds.
  • Pray for his teaching to become a source of encouragement, strength and inspiration for many.
  • Pray for new translators and editors to help speed up the production of new material.


March 11—Nepal

Pray for God’s wisdom and protection for Director Gopaljee, his wife, Ganga, and the DPM book distributors, especially as new anti-conversion laws have been implemented.

Praise & Thanksgiving:

Two conferences were recently held in Nepal, and another in Bhutan, for 500 pastors and leaders. Each attendee was given the Nepali book, Life-Changing Spiritual Power. 


March 12—France

  • Continue to pray for abundant finances for DPM outreaches as well as day to day needs.
  • Pray for more people to find the DPM French YouTube channel and be blessed by the teaching.
  • Pray for Catherine in all her responsibilities, including the Bible Correspondence Course and accounting, as well as others on the small team—for encouragement, protection and good health.


March 13—Iran

Students from Iran are enrolled in an online Bible school of Derek’s teachings in the Persian language. Pray for their protection and that they will be able to easily access the DPM website and stay in touch.


March 14—Poland

  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide the DPM team and for strength and wisdom to successfully finish all book projects in the coming months.
  • Pray for new co-workers needed: translators, graphic designers, and volunteers.


March 15—China

It has been a year since new and severe religious regulations went into effect. At least three large churches were closed, and their leadership arrested. In one case, 100 church members were also arrested. In this more difficult season for ministry in China, pray for both political and church leaders and that Christians overseas would not be ignorant or forget to pray for their Chinese brothers and sisters.


March 16—Bulgaria

Pray for the successful publishing of the book, Longing for His Appearing, and that it will greatly impact the Church in this nation.