April 14—Serbia

  • Pray that the Holy Spirit uses Derek´s book, Secrets of a Prayer Warrior, to teach Serbian believers to mature in their prayer life and learn to pray effectively.
  • Pray for spiritual breakthrough and a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit in this nation that would bring a spirit of unity among church leaders.


April 15—Central/South America

  • Pray for the translators, proofers and recording personnel in the process of getting all of Derek’s audio and printed material into Spanish.
  • Pray for wider awareness and use of the Spanish website, App, and Social Media.
  • Continue to pray for more connections with ministries, churches and leaders who would use Derek’s material.


April 16—French-Speaking Africa

Requests continue to come in from Bible schools in French-speaking Africa, but no funds are available at this time for this specific need. Pray for finances for Derek’s French material so it can be shipped to this region of Africa.


April 17—South Africa

  • Pray for good response to the mailings going out this year, both good sales and good donations. 
  • Pray for the 35 Mega Voice players, Foundations DVDs sets and Self-Study Bible Course books going to ministries across the nation to bear good fruit.
  • Pray for the elections in May. There are parties that are standing on strong Christian principles, so pray for righteous leaders to be elected and have more representation in parliament so they can help serious corruption problems be dealt with. 


“Thank you for the excellent work you are doing, keeping Derek's legacy alive. Two years ago, I retired as a pastor for over 50 years, but continue to minister and train pastors. I have all the books of DPM. As a young pastor, I discovered Derek's ministry and consumed every book, tape, etc. We attended many of his seminars and meetings, and his insights on deliverance were scripturally the soundest at that time. My conviction has been that Derek was one of the greatest teachers of his time, most consistent in doctrine and lifestyle, and still is! As a pastor, minister and overseer over the years, I invested his materials into young pastors to enable them to remain sound in doctrine. The volume, Foundational Truths for Christian Living, is a classic! I have distributed more than 100 copies to pastors and encouraged them to study these truths until it becomes part of them.” —Pastor Chris V., Johannesburg


April 18—Vietnam

Pray for God’s protection and anointing over the two DPM translation teams in this communist country.


April 19—Madagascar

Christ’s Last Order has been translated into Malagasy by Dries and Valerie and is ready for printing. It will also be voiced for radio broadcasting by many of the stations in Madagascar. Pray that the printing and voicing will go well and not be delayed for any reason.


April 20— Germany

Pray for God’s guidance and provision for this year's "Spiritual Fitness" project that will produce daily devotionals, short teaching clips, and other digital materials by Derek in the German language for email delivery and easy access from any digital device.