November 18—United Kingdom

  • Pray for increased contact with churches, ministries and individuals across Great Britain who would desire to use Derek’s teaching material.
  • Pray for growth of the Inside Outreach prison ministry and all those involved with it so that more and more inmates would be reached and encouraged in their faith.


November 19—Switzerland

  • Pray for the Lord’s wisdom and guidance in furthering the work of DPM in this region.
  • Pray for the right contacts to help support the ministry and spread Derek’s teaching.


November 20—South Africa

  • Pray for the safe distribution of another 40 Mega Voice Solar players that will go to several ministries, Bible schools, training centers and universities in South Africa.
  • Pray for Derek’s radio broadcasts in various areas and languages to greatly impact the listeners.

Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • New contacts are made almost daily as people listen through Impact Radio, Radio Pulpit, YouTube, the DPM app, TV stations and Facebook.


November 21—New Zealand

Over 1,500 copies of the new book Why Israel? were sent to supporters over a two-month period. Another 1,000 copies were sent to a ministry supporting Israel. Pray that this teaching will be widely used in the Church here and bring an increased understanding of, and prayer for, Israel and her people.


“After coming to the Lord Jesus, I read several of Derek’s books, and they all encouraged me and inspired me to go forward in the face of setbacks. His words had a two-fold effect. They pierced me and also healed my family and me. Being an ex-Hindu priest and Zen meditator for many years and finding no answers in other texts and no “holy men” to provide answers about dissolution of sin and finding the true God, I turned to Derek and found answers in his interpretation of the Bible as he was guided by the Holy Spirit. His words reverberated throughout our household and offered protection when we turned to the living God. I pray and hope all Hindus hear this message.”


November 22—Germany

  • Pray that the new German version of the Self-Study Bible Course will impact the Body of Christ in the German-speaking world at every level.  
  • Pray for more and more people in this region to be reached by Derek's teaching.


November 23—Russia

  • Pray for those involved in setting up a new office in Moscow and that the work will go smoothly.
  • Pray for the Lord’s provision for all finances, workers and material needs.

Praise & Thanksgiving:

A DPM team made their monthly train trip across Russia recently where wonderful services were held in Astrakhan and Dagestan. Many new friends were made and given Derek’s books for churches there. In Dagestan, they held two festivals of "Good and Light" for children and were on local TV. In Astrakhan, they were with three churches who held water baptisms.


November 24—Norway

  • Pray for the translator who is working on 12 Proclamation Cards in the Sami language.
  • Pray for ministry partners who are able and willing to invest more not only for local projects, but also for the work of DPM around the world.

Praise & Thanksgiving:

We are very happy to have the new booklet Why Israel? translated and printed in Norwegian. Our team here is giving this important message to pastors and other church leaders, partners and everyone who contacts the office and will continue to give this as a gift to bless as many as possible before Christmas!