June 21—South Africa

  • Isabel and her brother, Andrew, met with the Communications Director for the South Africa Zionist Federation in Johannesburg. They gave him all of Derek’s teaching on Israel for teaching purposes. He was delighted and wants to stay in touch. Pray that Derek’s teaching on Israel and the Church will be encouraged and used to teach others regarding replacement theology.
  • Pastor Stemmet made a second outreach trip to small towns in the North and Western Cape regions, where a circuit pastor visits only every two years. He spent seven days in a township in Cape Town to encourage and distribute Derek’s Afrikaans books to pastors and other leaders. Pray for them to be encouraged and share the teaching with their churches, family and friends.


  • After the coronavirus began, as much communication as possible was done to encourage people to access Derek’s free teaching on social media, our website, YouTube, etc. where relevant material was made available. The series “Where to find Security” was put on Impact Radio just before people were ordered to stay home. The series prior to that was “Facing the Future.”
  • A customer recently requested Derek’s CDs on “Facing the Future” that he heard on radio. He appreciated the many options available.


June 22East Africa

  • Continue to pray for the growing work across this region where the Lord is moving. Pray for local representatives, Geoffrey and Pauline, based in Kenya, and their coworkers as they continue to share Derek’s teaching in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda.


  • By early April, after the borders were closed and movement was restricted due to the coronavirus, distribution of material paused. However, Geoffrey and Pauline, representatives based in Kenya, moved the Bible School onto WhatsApp and set assignments for the students. They set aside the normal curriculum to focus on the teaching from Will You Intercede? and Ultimate Security. Response has been very good.
  • Contacts in Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania are also well and continue to work on translations while unable to distribute material actively on the ground. 


June 23—Mozambique

  • YWAM (Youth with a Mission) Publishing recently printed 3,220 Portuguese copies of Derek’s Self-Study Bible Course for several ministries and missions organizations. Pray for the safe distribution of these books and that they will be a great blessing and tool to the students and others who use it and apply it in their ministry.


June 24—Ethiopia

  • Yemane is DPM’s long-time outreach worker in Ethiopia. He has been sick for three months and is having kidney dialysis. Pray for God to restore his kidney function and heal him completely.
  • Derek's Foundation Series videos have been subtitled and voiced in Amharic, and the audio sermons and videos are shared with local pastors. Pray for this material to be distributed even more widely to help believers build a strong faith-foundation.


June 25Iran

  • Pray for our new audiobook project. Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose was recently recorded as well as five more titles. (Blessing or Curse was downloaded more than 1300 times during February!)
  • Pray that by God’s grace we can share more of Derek's teachings through social media.


June 26—Egypt

  • We have a new partnership with Media Impact International, a ministry that helps other ministries improve their online platforms, especially Facebook. Pray that through it many more people will connect with the ministry and Derek’s teaching.
  • Pray that the new books and their audio versions will reach and teach many throughout this region, strengthening their faith.

Outreach Report

  • Albert and Faten were able to attend the Malta conference where they met with directors of Christian TV channels that broadcast Derek's sermons. New partnerships were also formed.
  • Three new books have been published: Living as Salt and Light, I Forgive You and Power in the Name, and the audio versions are now available on the website for free downloading.


June 27Israel

  • Pray for a growing awareness of Derek’s teaching here, which is available in English, Hebrew, and Russian, not only in book form, but on our website and various social media platforms.
  • Pray for the churches and individuals who receive Derek’s material to become stronger in their faith and able to share with others as the Lord leads them.


Derek Prince Israel Directors, George and Betty, tell us they hear daily that Derek’s material is more and more precious. The staff in Israel reports that they have had special requests for copies of From Repentance to Faith. It is available in Hebrew and is also on the Internet.