August 25—East Africa

  • Pray for more ministry partners in this region to share the common goal of reaching people with Derek’s teaching.
  • Pray that more of Derek’s material can be produced and shared in East Africa’s prisons.
  • Pray for wisdom and perseverance for the translators and others involved so that the printing target can be met.


August 26—Angola/Mozambique

  • Pray for the editing and printing of the Portuguese Self-Study Bible Course and its successful distribution to Angola and Mozambique.
  • Pray for God’s guidance regarding opportunities to get more of Derek’s Portuguese teaching into these two nations.  


August 27-— French-Speaking Africa

  • Continue to pray for the work being done by the DPM-France office to produce Derek’s material for French-speaking Africa. The new book Life-Changing Spiritual Power has been printed and copies are en route to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Pray that the material will get into the right hands and teach and bless many to equip and strengthen the Church to reach many.
  • This book will also be available in Burkina Faso, Bénin, Togo, Cameroon, etc. Pray for the teachings it contains to be used mightily by the Lord to change lives


 August 28 —Madagascar

  • Pray for protection and favour for Dries and Valerie as they minister along the coast north of Mahajanga. 
  • Pray for the successful voicing of Christ’s Last Order that will be used for radio broadcasting.


August 29—Zambia

  • An outreach took place in June in SW Zambia. Pray that all of Derek’s material given away will result in a good harvest and strong churches in this area that is not well reached. 
  • Pray for favour and blessing on a missionary from South Africa who is going to Livingstone, Zambia, and farther north to take Derek’s teaching to a Bishop who oversees 40 churches in Zambia and other countries.
  • A pastor in Livingstone who works with an International ministry and whose wife has a children’s and youth ministry, was sent Derek’s material and posters relating to children and youth. They also received a USB stick with Derek’s DVD teaching, CD teaching and teaching letters as well as a Mega Voice player with 400 hours of audio teaching. Pray for Derek’s teaching to strengthen them in their ministry.


India Subcontinent

August 30—Sri Lanka

  • Elsie and Danny believe the time of revival for India and Sri Lanka is at hand and all the turmoil over the past couple of years is birth pangs to the great revival God has promised. Pray that Derek’s material provided will be used extensively in Sri Lanka to bring insight and direction for the Church as growth and maturity are greatly needed.


August 31—India

  • Pray for Directors Elsie and Danny who are beginning to reach out to youth in India. There is a lot of interest in songs among the youth, but not so much a thirst for the Word. Elsie and Danny will hold three days of training for 50 youth leaders the end of July and then initiate further training to bring them deeper into God’s Word through Derek’s material.

Outreach report India

  • A seminar on Spiritual Warfare was held recently in southern India (Tamil Nadu State) where a group of prayer warriors taught on spiritual warfare. This gave insight into praying for the nation and political situations and encouraged all attendees to “stand in the gap” for revival in India and surrounding regions.
  • Teaching on From Curse to Blessing has resulted in many testimonies, including that of a woman who had severe asthma and was not sure if she could even come to the meeting. But she did, and she was completely healed as she listened to the teaching!