January 26—Indonesia

  • Pray for enthusiastic young people to take up the vision of sharing Derek’s teaching with their own people across this huge nation of 270 million people living on 17,000 islands, many of whom are hard to reach. 


January 27—China

  • We thank God for the new connections with churches inside China and for the completion of Protection from Deception, a very important book for the Chinese church.
  • Pray for those who are producing new books by Derek for China. It is a long and careful process to continually translate, edit and print hard copy books in China as well as material for internet platforms.

Outreach Report China

  • A Chinese Christian wrote: "Although I read Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose! 20 years ago, when I became a Christian, I only accepted it as knowledge. But something happened in my family in recent years that caused me to reread this book. Every word of it showed me the reason for and solutions to my problem. I thank the Lord and Derek Prince for his precious sharing!” Pray that the Holy Spirit would greatly multiply this kind of revelation experience among Chinese believers.
  • Complete sets of the Chinese Proclamation Cards have been distributed in multiple locations and are very much in demand. A pastor from southern China told us: “Church leaders that we sent these sets to were thrilled to receive those cards. All generations from young to old believers find they are so powerful and easy to use! They are applying God’s Word more every day from ordinary to difficult situations. Please send us some more…”


January 28—Sri Lanka

  • Pray for God’s protection and anointing on India Directors, Elsie and Danny; Coordinators, Sam and Olivia; translator, Rev. Prince and the team from New Zealand as they travel around Sri Lanka February 9–22 to teach and minister to hundreds of pastors and leaders.

Outreach Report – Sri Lanka

  • DPM–India Directors, Elsie and Danny report: “On one of our visits to Sri Lanka last year, a pastor personally testified to us that he has been in ministry for about 35 years and that the teaching we gave at a seminar on the topic of authority (using Derek’s material) was like living water flowing over his soul. He felt refreshed and encouraged by the clear teaching and thanked us profusely for bringing it to them.”


January 29—India

  • Pray for wisdom for Directors Elsie and Danny as they plan conferences for the year for pastors and other Christian leaders. They want to visit places in India where they have never been, so pray for open doors and God’s protection. 
  • Pray for pastors in these unreached areas to receive and use Derek’s resources that will be offered.

Outreach Report - India

  • DPM India Directors, Elsie and Danny recently held a two-day conference in south India where over 500 people attended and were taught on The Divine Exchange and Spiritual Warfare. The majority of them were from very rural communities, not highly educated and don’t normally have access to this kind of teaching. The feedback given was: “We were able to understand everything clearly and have no doubts regarding what we have heard. We go back to our places with a new boldness in our hearts, knowing we have all we need to take the victory over our problems, Satan and his kingdom!”


January 30—Ethiopia

  • Derek's teaching on God's heart for orphans and widows stirred DPM to support orphans on a practical level. Pray for the orphans DPM supports with school materials and food and that God will give His heart to others to also support this area of ministry.
  • Pray for Henok and Pastor Yemane who are translating Derek's teaching into Amharic and Tigrina. Henok is translating and voicing Derek's audio messages on “Foundations for Christian Living.”
  • Pray that Derek's books will continue to bless and encourage many inmates through the prison ministry here.


January 31—Zambia

  • Pray for protection and strength for Ricky van der Walt when he travels again to the very north of Zambia to reach the Angolans, as well as to Congo.
  • Pray for the effective distribution of Derek’s books, DVDs and other material in this region as well as for the funds Ricky needs for this ministry trip when he will also evangelize using the Jesus film.

Outreach Report - South Africa

  • Pastor David Mehari is an Eritrean pastor who has a church in Pretoria. He travels and teaches in other African countries to reach the Amharic and Eritrean communities. Some years ago, he translated Derek Prince's book Foundations for Christian Living into Eritrean. This was then stolen with all his luggage, while travelling between Sudan and Zimbabwe. The book has since been translated again and Pastor David has offered to assist with the proof reading. He is teaching from this book on Facebook, reaching the Tigrina-speaking believers, and giving them the opportunity to respond straight away during the teaching. The copy of the book he is teaching from was given to him while still in Eritrea by a group of believers who were sharing the book to study it. His teaching is halfway through the book now, with hundreds of views and positive responses such as: "Pastor Dave, you need to continue such foundational teaching!"


February 1—International

Pray for all directors of DPM worldwide to receive God’s vision and guidance in discerning His will in all their plans for their specific team and region in 2020!