July 28— Southern Africa

  • MET (Missionary Exposure Training) is training another group of pastors for leadership who were given Derek’s books. Pray they will use his teaching to help them establish strong churches with a solid biblical foundation.
  • Pray for Derek’s radio programmes airing across this region to equip and encourage the listeners and that they will tell friends and family about the broadcasts.
  • Pray that more stations will request Derek’s radio teaching.
  • Many people are accessing and downloading Derek’s teaching on YouTube and the DPM mobile App. Pray for them to discover the power of God’s Word and to be changed by it.


July 29—Ethiopia

  • Pray for strength and wisdom for Pastor Yemane who, for several decades, has made Derek's teaching available in the Amharic and Tigrina languages.
  • Pray for God's guidance and favour to successfully print and distribute Derek’s books.
  • Pray for anointing and encouragement for Henok, who is translating Derek's audio series on The Foundations teaching into Amharic.


July 30— Somalia

Pray for the Lord’s continued blessing and guidance on the outreaches taking place in Somalia with Derek’s teaching, including those of Ugandan soldiers who are on a peace-keeping mission in Somalia.

Praise & Thanksgiving Somalia

  • Last year, we gave eight boxes of Life-Changing Spiritual Power (each with multiple titles) to Ugandan soldiers on mission in Somalia. They went back to Uganda for a break with encouraging testimonies of the fellowship they formed while in Somalia. Life-Changing Spiritual Power was their book for study. They also formed a leadership team to lead the study in different camps.
  • Soldiers from other peace-keeping nations such as Burundi and Kenya are doing the same in their camps.
  • Recently, we sent the remaining boxes of books with 40 chosen leaders as they returned home, and a coworker was involved in praying for them as they boarded their flight.
  • Derek Prince got to know God while serving in the British Army, so we are trusting that God will help us to bring growth to these fellowship groups and soldiers, by enabling us to print more of Derek's books for them to use.


July 31—East Africa

  • The books Life-Changing Spiritual Power and Self-Study Bibles Course have been a special and vital tool for prison ministry. Pray for the prisoners who use them to be built up in their faith and share the teaching with others.
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to touch those who read Derek’s books so that more transformed lives will be seen.


August 1—International

Psalm 16:2-3 says: “You are my Lord, My goodness is nothing apart from You.” As for the saints who are on the earth, “They are the excellent ones, in whom is all my delight.” Join us in thanksgiving to God, our Lord, for His grace and His Lordship over DPM, and for all the people He has given to support our ministry.


Middle East


August 2—Egypt

  • Derek's book, Foundational Truths for Christian Living, will be introduced on the Arabic Facebook page through posts, pictures and videos. Pray for the Lord to use this tool to reach many.
  • A new project “A Word from the Word” in Arabic, along with a short video to bring Derek’s words to life, will be on Facebook and the Arabic website. Pray for many people to be impacted.


August 3—Israel

  • More and more Jewish believers and those seeking the true Messiah are coming into contact with DPM through Derek’s material. Pray that even more will be reached and used by the Lord among His chosen people.
  • Antisemitism is becoming more pronounced throughout the world as the spirit of Antichrist grows stronger. Pray for protection for the Jewish community worldwide.