July 19—Macedonia

  • Pray for wisdom and anointing for our translator, Katerina, and proofreader, Emilija, as they work on new books in the Macedonian language.
  • Pray for a fair price for the printing and wisdom regarding distribution of the books.


July 20—Thailand

  • Pray for more highly skilled translators so that their work can be completed faster and with confidence
  • Pray for good relationships and unity between current translators and any new workers.
  • Pray for God’s wisdom to establish future goals and strategies by the end of the year. 


  • Translation into Thai has begun on Teaching Letters and Proclamation Cards. 
  • A key worker has introduced us to a Thai-Singaporean couple in Bangkok who love Derek’s teaching and have listened for years to his English programmes. They are eager to be involved as they see a great need for his material, and they have good connections to help publicize the ministry.


July 21—China

  • As church gatherings slowly return to normal, we don’t know how many people will still prefer to stay at home. Meantime, factory orders have stopped for some, so unemployment has increased. Some report the propaganda in Mainland China recently is very similar to that of the Chinese Cultural Revolution under chairman Mao, causing panic and depression for some. There is also much TV encouragement of hatred against foreigners. Prayer is greatly needed for the emotional and mental stability of Chinese believers while the China team continues to reach out with Derek’s teaching.


  • We are grateful that 4,000 USBs containing Derek's teaching in different formats were distributed in the last two months despite the slowdown due to the pandemic. Also, over 100,000 copies of Derek’s Chinese books, including Protection from Deception and Declaring God’s Word, were given to believers in different areas.


July 22—Vietnam

  • The church in this communist nation is growing, and one pastor we know plans to move to a larger building, but it is in a different district and comes under a Buddhist organisation. This is actually a great opportunity to share the Gospel and Derek’s teaching. Pray for security, finances for renovations and church members to be willing to travel to the new location. Also pray for “divine appointments” and new friends.
  • Pray for God’s protection and wisdom for our two translation teams and their families.


“I am so blessed by the Self-Study Bible Course. Before studying this course, I was very shy about sharing God’s Word, but this has given me courage to be bold, to come out of my comfort zone, go to different places to share the Good News and help other people learn God’s Word. I now often go to the villages to preach the Gospel to my tribes. What an amazing course!!!”


July 23—New Zealand

  • Huge interest was shown in Derek’s teaching and the work of DPM after a six-day Facebook campaign. Pray for this interest to continue to grow and for those who reconnected with the ministry to receive more of Derek’s teachings, be blessed by them and share about DPM with their churches and friends.


  • During the pandemic lockdown, we made available 25 free e-books and some audio messages on our website. They were very popular here and in 27 other countries!
  • Our Digital Dept. Manager, James, and his wife Maddy, went through the Derek Prince Bible School recently and documented what they learned on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/DPMNZ/). This was very popular, bringing many testimonies:
    • I was blessed to come into contact with Derek Prince when I first gave myself to the Lord and have loved reconnecting and being reminded of his teachings.”
    • Thank you for sharing. I haven’t watched him in a long time. I will go back and watch again because of the way he explained God’s Word.”
    • One viewer shared that after listening to The Basics of Deliverance, Part 2, she realised that her friend, who had been very ill with chronic fatigue syndrome, was most likely living under a curse. Her friend watched the teaching and realised she was, in fact, under a curse. She prayed the prayer of deliverance and is now feeling like a completely different person!


July 24—Australia

  • During the peak of the coronavirus here, new as well as current customers purchased a variety of teachings by Derek in different formats, especially books. Pray that his teaching material will help them draw closer to God and His Word.


July 25Philippines

Joseph had been translating and recording A Word from the Word into Tagalog when his house burned down in April, and his recording equipment was lost in the fire. (He and his family were unharmed.) Pray for the Lord’s provision for this loss of both equipment and personal items so he can continued with this important work.