June 15, In the Father’s Arms

Picture a little child held securely by his father’s arm, with his face pressed against the father’s shoulder. There may be...

June 14, Accepted!

When God says we are accepted, it does not mean we are just tolerated. It means we are much favored. We are the objects of His...

June 13, Coming to the Father

When Jesus came to earth, His ultimate purpose was to bring to the Father those who would turn to Him.

June 12, True Self-worth

I cannot begin to count the number of people I have ministered to whose greatest problem was a failure to appreciate themselves sufficiently.

June 11, True Identity

The reason that Jesus Christ came to earth was—and is—to bring us to God. If we stop short of this revelation of God, we have...

June 10, Fully His

There was a boy who lived in a town on the seaside. He was a skilled and clever carver, and he carved himself a little wooden boat.

June 09, “No Condemnation”

There are two kinds of coffee: percolated and instant. Percolated coffee takes longer to make because it has to go through...