June 02, Marriage Relationship with the Lord

In Romans 7, Paul said that through the law, we were married. The law was like a marriage covenant, and it was for life.

June 01, Communion with the Creator

The spirit is the part of the human personality that was directly breathed into man by God at creation. It is therefore...

May 31, Union with Christ

The word “joined” is not in the past tense but the ongoing present tense. In other words...

May 30, Eternity with God

The third aspect of the life we have in Christ is the consummation of the work of Jesus in eternity...

May 29, Physical Life: Resurrection Life

Jesus tasted death in every aspect for every person so that we might have life in every aspect.

May 28, Spiritual Life: Fellowship with God

After Peter drew his sword in Jesus’ defense, so that He would not be arrested in the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus said to him...

May 27, Finding Your Place

There is another important stage in achieving acceptance, and that is receiving acceptance from God’s people.